Draper DRB12A 12 Piece 1/4" TCT Router Bit Set

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Product Code: 060432892

Product SKU: 72892

£18.98 inc. VAT


The Draper 12 piece router bit set provides an assortment of router bits with TCT heads which are designed to suit most applications.Read more

Additional Details

3 x straight bits - 6, 12 and 16mm diameter 90 V grooving (or groove) bit Dovetail bit 12.7mm diameter 45 chamfer bit Bearing flush trim bit (or flush) - 12.7mm diameter 2 x rounding bits - radii 6.3 and 9.5mm Core box bit radius 6.3mm Cove bit radius 6.3mm Roman ogee bit radius 4mm Hexagon key 1/4" Shank

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