Bearing & Gear Puller Set 12pc

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Product SKU: PS900

Sealey Power Tools

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Twin/triple leg puller set with reversible legs allowing internal and external pulling operations. Manufactured from carbon steel with a drop-forged heat treated construction for strength and durability. Supplied with two and three leg yokes. Size/Spread (2 and 3 Leg): 35-130mm. Reach: 100, 209, 259mm. Claw Depth/Thickness: 8/3mm. Thrust bearing prevents wear and damage to shaft. Hex head forcing screws suitable for use with a ratchet or spanner.

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Model No: PS900 Specification Table Size/Spread (2 & 3 Leg): 35-130mm Reach: 100, 209, 259mm Claw Depth: 8mm Claw Thickness: 3mm

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